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Mulry is an oil painter and fine artist in Carlsbad, North San Diego County, California. She considers it her honor and privilege to capture people’s loved ones on canvas through the art of personality-filled portraiture.

Do you have a place that’s very special to you? Why not capture those feelings with a custom painting you can enjoy every day?

Trained as an adult in the life drawing studio and as a youth in the museums and art schools of Los Angeles, her first ideas about art were formed viewing the German Expressionist prints in her grandmother’s apartment.

Mulry currently works out of the New Village Arts Foundry Studios at 2787 State Street in Carlsbad.

Contact me regarding your painting idea. Prices are by quote and start around $800 for people or places  and $300 for animals. Most times I will be working from photographs … your providing a variety of different photos of the subject facilitates the process. It would by my pleasure to discuss your painting. -Karla


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